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She doesnвt use a wide range of bright colors, but her use of daunting scale and fine brushstrokes helps to give the illusion of reality. Ideas behind the workвthe idea behind lila roda was to incorporate both scenic nature and classic cars, as I found a close correlation between the two.

My aim was to create an aesthetically pleasing artwork thatВ allowed the viewer to become engrossed both in the beautiful classic car and the equally beautiful natural environment of the dandenong ranges. Cars are an integral part of my familyвs life - my love of themВ led me to explore this theme in year twelve. Incorporating the classic car into the wintery environment has made the classic car a hero in the modern worldВ вВ a twist on modern views and lifestyles. I explored manipulating my photographs using areas of strong colour and black and white.

This image has been particularly successful in creating a very strong climatic atmosphere вВ also reflected in the windscreen and the duco of the car.

I decided to present the image on a large scale to increase the impact on the viewer and to immerse them в as if they were standing in front of the car. Inspirationsвinspirations in my life include yousuf karsh and steve mccurry, because of karshвs distinct style of theatrical lighting and mccurryвs portraits.

Car magazines also inspire me as the quality and sleekness of the photos areВ something I admire and wish to recreate. I am also interested movies that feature cars as the hero withВ their own personality. Back to the future, herbie.

Favourite artistвannie leibovitz; I admire her use of strong colour and her theatrical and surrealist staging. Her use of strong lighting and a crisp colour palette appeal to my sense of drama. My advice to future year students would be to choose a theme that they are passionate about and to change direction within that if needed. To widen your ideas, I suggest interacting regularly with your teacher as it can add a different perspectiveВ that can influence and help your ideas expand and develop in more interesting ways than.

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We appreciate their work to fix the otherвs travel issues, however they missed the little details that could have wowed all of the passengers.

My spouse got bumped from an aisle to a middle costume dating show with cold nonchalance. No excuses, no compromises, just plain rudeness from the boarding crew member in reykjavik. Seems like choosing seats early does not get you said seats with icelandair. Given the fact that the boarding webpage was an absolute mess I found it difficult to remain patient.

There was no organized line, and only one available boarding agent. Recipe for disaster if you ask me but hey, what do I know. Several agents were present for decorative purposes. And telling people that the line was a mess. It is the airlineвs duty to organize the boarding process, not the passengersв. Not being served dinner on a flight is unacceptable. Food available for purchase was very disappointing in both quality and just click for source. Blankets were not available on this flight while they were on the outbound flight.

The entertainment selection was good movies and the staff was friendly, costume dating show on the hour flight, my head jack to watch movies did not work.