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Now, over the years, I ignore the unorganized service, having to ask for something more than once, the lack of air conditioning even though it a warm day. I ignore the sometimes greasy dishes, the changes like less vegetables or suddenly smaller sized dishes here and there to cut costs. I also ignore the inflated prices when I know I can get better quality for less money elsewhere. But I ignored it all for the sesame bread. We all have to make a profit. Today you get zero stars and I won be back.

After eating there and ordering things to go. Paying cash because the credit card machine was down. Tipping her even off my to go stuff. The scattered waitress got my order wrong. Now, this is the same waitress I see every time. Asks me about my travels, and I tip her every time. I told her I be happy to wait for the right order. She then told me she could remake my order but would have to charge me. And I put up with some bs. She did, but didn return and made the other server bring my order and say sorry.

Com with other suspected scam emails that I found on the internet. The commonality iвm seeing is free utah dating sites they actually live in russia and they said the reason their profile said they free utah dating sites in the us is that the dating site does not accept russia as a valid location.

The emails blame the misinformation on вmistake of computer programs or the date service works not with each countryв, give or take a few words here and there.

Ladies be warned!. I just got onto match. Com and within a week I had received four mails from gentleman in west africa nigeria.

All of the gentlemen were supposedly working for a textile and oil company could settle any where and would be coming home soon. Two of the mails I did not know that the men were in nigeria until after I responded to the mail. I answered one of the mails and began receiving instant messages from him. The first day the mails seemed geniune.

By the second day he was telling me he was hungry and didnвt have any money left until pay day. He then asked me if My review here could loan him some money. I thought I would never hear from again, but no the next morning he is waiting via an instant message for me. He had excuse for every suggestions I had. When check out the post right here comes back to the states he has no one to pick him up.

What are you suggesting I asked. He asked if I could pick him up learn more here the airport and if could he stay go here me until he bought a house.

I told him that I was suspicious and felt that this was a scam. I asked him for his full name, date of birth and street address.