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That is really abusive what he is doing to you. And he has no right to do that. You guys need counseling asap if you want to save your marriage. I feel like maybe he is projecting his own thoughts onto you that he was maybe wanting to cheat and now that you have nipped that in the bud he is now policing you to make sure you aren going to either. My ex husband was mentally and emotionally abusive also and it wore me down, I felt like a shell of my former self.

Don let him do that to you. I have an interesting situationв I used to be married to a man I was never jealous of and the reason is that he didn really pay any attention to any other women and was actually jealous of me and my friendships with anyone, even my family!в It was a bit intolerable and pushed me away so I know that side of it. Now I am with a man who is separated and not divorced yet and I know he won go back to his wife but he lived a long time with her not having a real husband wife relationship and just did whatever he wanted, go on vacations with big groups of friends from college without her, plays tennis all the time, and is in a bandв etc.

Anything to keep his life happy since he wasn happy in his marriage. Well now he is separated and seeing me and I am jealous of his outgoing nature, he will talk to almost anyone anywhere, which is kinda cute but gets on my nerves when I would like his attention. He knows this and does his best to pay his attention to me when we are together.

And he and I are really happy when we are together but we are also apart a lot, he is retired and has a vacation home he spends mos at in the summer several states away. He doesnt like to be lonely so he invites all kinds of friends and family to visit and loves it. I don want him to ever give up what he loves, I just feel this ugh feeling everytime he has plans with other people or has to go fix something at his old house soon to be ex lives there в I don like that he has younger female friends, truly a lot younger as in inappropriate creepy if he was attracted to them friends, but one is in his band and he talks to her a lot about the band stuff and thats to be expected but ugh, and she puts a picture of her and him on facebook в totally innocent but she puts a little heart next to his name and doesnt have a pic like that of any of the other guys in the band like that.

I know he is a great guy, easy to talk to, is pretty cool, and young at heart, so I understand that people love him and love being around him, because that is how I feel about him, but its hard to go from being in a marriage where I never had to worry about any of this stuff ever and actually feeling so secure in that department to having not a bad guy who is a cheater type but a guy who doesnt need me all the time because he has other people and things that he loves also besides me.

And people loving him and making him feel good, feels like he doesn even need me to do that for him. He lived like that for a long time and we talk about this all the time, he is used to taking care of his own needs and not relying on anyone else to provide the love and care.

But I am here now in his life and I want to do that for him and I don want to have to compete with all the other things in his life or feel that I am competing with them.

I feel I offer something a lot more special and wonderful and he says he feels that too but I don feel from him that its more special than some of the other things in his life.

Citizenship and immigration services uscis at with questions or to request more information on daca. Those with pending requests can also use a number of online self help tools which include the ability to check case status and processing times, change your address, and send an inquiry about a case pending longer than posted processing times or non delivery of a card or document. A - deferred action is a discretionary determination to defer a removal action of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion.

For purposes of future inadmissibility based upon unlawful how to improve online dating sites, an individual whose case has been deferred is not considered to be onlune present during the period in which deferred action is in effect. An individual who has received deferred action is authorized by dhs to be why not look here in the united states, and is therefore considered by dhs onlune how to improve online dating sites lawfully present during the period deferred action is in effect.

However, deferred action does not confer lawful status upon an individual, nor does it excuse any previous or subsequent periods of unlawful presence. Under existing regulations, an individual whose case has been deferred is eligible to receive employment authorization for the period of deferred action, provided he or she can demonstrate вan economic necessity for employment.

в Dhs can terminate or renew deferred action at any time, at the agencyвs discretion. A - on june the secretary of homeland security announced that certain people who came to the united states as children and meet several key guidelines.

Request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years,В subject to renewal, and would then be eligible for work authorization. Individuals who can demonstrate through verifiable documentation useful page they meet these guidelines will i was reading this considered for deferred action.

Determinations will be made on a case by case basis under the daca guidelines. Q - is there any difference dtaing вdeferred actionв and daca under this process.