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He seldom calls to see how you are or just to check in. There are few texts just to say вhave a good dayв or вgood nightв. If you donвt feel well, heвs not interested in getting together to provide comfort and he rarely remembers to check back in to see if you are feeling better unless itвs to arrange to have sex. If heвs looking at you as relationship material, he wants to be seen in public with you.

He wants you to meet his friends and family and go to work parties with you. If youвre just friends with benefits, he doesnвt want to involve you with other important people in his life. The main event is having sex, not getting to know each other and being a part of each otherвs life. If heвs looking at you as relationship material, he will want to do other things with you besides having sex.

He will want to join in activities you enjoy and share his hobbies with you. If you have a project to do and he wants a relationship, he will offer to help. He will want to make your life easier and participate so that he can spend time with you. If time together is unlikely to lead to sex, heвs not interested in getting together.

When you have sex, it is likely that he will leave before morning or want you to go if you are at his place. He will not leave you at his place when he has to go to work. Youвll be leaving when he leaves or before. If you have not had a specific talk about being exclusive, do not assume the relationship is exclusive. Even if you have had the talk, do his actions match his words.

If not, refer to his actions; they speak louder than words. If he indicates that heвs not in a place to have a serious relationship for any reason, take him at his word.

This is the one instance in which words matter more than actions.

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