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I wonder how a dating service focused on detailed profiles, later meeting, and customizable search range would do. Sorry, I didn mean to imply anything about you in particular.

Obviously, I don know anything about you. I was just commenting on the strategy you were proposing and voicing my opinion on the odds of it working for different types of people. If that strategy worked out for you despite you being really different from most people, I think you must have just gotten lucky to meet some people who were also really different from most and also like yourself.

In my own experience, there just aren enough people who are compatible with me to have a short profile and just roll the dice. Over and over the dice rolls fail. But, who knows, maybe it just bad luck. This seems to be good advice. The more you know about a person, before you can properly meet them, the more likely you are to find out something that seems massively off putting and shatters your impression of you.

I know a sample of is nothing etc. But I read an article a while back about a woman who tracked everything she could about every date she went on for two years, and one of the most interesting things I felt was that if she met someone through a dating site, it meant that she knew a lot more about them up front, and thus didn like them as much.

That a really interesting article. The part that most resonated with me came at the end.

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