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In gender as well as racial issues, we live in a culture of many diverse views, and anyone who expresses a view that a lot of people disagree gets attacked, regardless of what that view is.

The culture evolves, and everyone with an opinion regardless of race or gender gets to influence it by expressing their views. As far as the casting of ghostbusters or lena dunham wardrobe goes, I think that entirely up to the makers of those productions. Anyone who expresses a view that a lot of people disagree gets attacked, regardless of what that view is. It not that people disagree with your view, it that your pov is quite simply misogynistic and denies the existence of women outside those you believe to exist.

You don believe women actually know what they want, you don believe women are being honest with what they want, you don seem to believe that women who have sexual desires outside of a slim conventional corridor exist, and you don believe that we exist in a society that is weighted against women by means of a centuries old system that has been controlled by male figures that most refer to as the patriarchy.

You not being downvoted because people disagree, but because what you saying is fundamentally toxic and icky. No one is saying you can believe those things, but you not going to get a lot of traction in discussions here with those views.

You presenting toxic and hurtful crap as objective fact, so when you say things like women don know what they like or say women don really know what they attracted to, it not exactly surprising that you get pushback from that. I disagree that its hyperbolic. Go to a third world country sometime. If you in the capital and you rich, its got all of the amenities of manhattan or more. Dubai, the ultimate jewel of urban design is a great example. Its built by the people with money on the backs of people without in a country that incredibly poor if you a have not.

Port au prince in the extremely poor country of haiti is quite pleasant but go outside the city and you might be abducted by guys with machetes for ransom.

Add to this its inherent natural beauty в from the calm and peaceful lake zurich to the fresh mountain air of uetliberg в and youвll probably wonder why you didnвt come here sooner. Appearing like a fairytale castle on the approach, this hotel packs plenty of wow factor. Dating back to it has undergone several transformations during its long history, but the current design incorporates rooms important page ultra luxe suites.

Often rated one of the best hotels in the entire country, it has a two michelin star restaurant, a golf course and an expansive sq spa located in its newest wing. Meet me at midnight is a particularly special package offering guests private access to the spa from pm am, so they can enjoy the incredible views out to the city and lake zurich in peace. The hotel has a jaw dropping private art collection, which you can learn all about with their ipad app designed for the purpose.

Highlights include andy warholвs big retrospective painting, spanning m, which holds pride of place above the reception. Insider tip - the new terrazza suite online dating interpersonal communication one of the most luxurious in the hotel, with its own private lift and gold and crystal ceilings. This intimate boutique hotel offers rooms and two spacious junior suites, right in the very heart of zurich в and handily just a block away from the main train station from where you can travel direct to zurich airport in less than minutes.

Uniquely, the living room on the online dating interpersonal communication floor is where you check in. You can also chill out on the comfy sofas there later on, helping yourself to the honesty bar if you visit this web-page a drink.

The hosts here are very happy to arrange city tours and excursions, and useful content even pop out and get a takeaway for you в if you ask nicely, of course.

Insider tip - the online dating interpersonal communication spacious junior suites are ideal for families. The individually designed rooms and suites here are divided between nine historic townhouses.

Having opened up to new possibilities by combining classic architecture and antique furniture with contemporary design, the hotel is a hotspot for arty types.