Persona 3 Dating Characters

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Technically everyone is a choice for everyone. The only things that limit the dating pool are criteria that, ultimately, are self imposed. The laws of physics don prevent you from getting romantically involved with someone on the other side of the planet, or someone of a sex you are not attracted to, or even someone with whom it would be illegal to become romantically involved with. You can choose where you are born, but you can choose to keep any relationships more local or even to change your location physically, not just in your profile.

You can choose who you attracted to, but you can choose who you have sex with. You can choose what the law says, but you can choose to obey it. And this isn even getting into the nitty gritty stuff like interests and lifestyle and build and what have you. So, as a man, you are just as capable of being as picky and ruthless as you want as a woman is.

I argue that half the male problem commenters we have in here already are. Secondly, what about any women out there who would prefer someone who didn have a large group of friends, or who wanted someone whose interests were outside what counts as normal, or even any women who want to be the breadwinner and would like their partner to be a stay at home dad.

As for charming, well groomed and physically attractive, it very much a different strokes for different folks and one wo man trash is another wo man treasure thing. I willing to bet the entire contents of my bank account that you can come up with definitions for those things that apply to all women in the world without them being so vague as to be whatever the opposite of actionable is.

I think I missing a significant amount of context here, but I thought women have choices and get to reject even men who aren objectively terrible if they don want to have sex with them was the takeaway from the article. Not that the thing about women having more choices than men isn bullshit, obviously, although I would guess that staying single has been becoming a more attractive choice for a lot of women in the past years.

And thank physics for that. I grew up in a catholic family in mormon territory and I know so many people that ended up married to people that ranged from bad to almost objectively terrible because being single was not considered a viable option.

It started to change, and definitely for the better, with my generation and now my friend kids, cousins, nieces, etc are more often opting to be single rather than in relationships with people who sole good quality is not being objectively terrible.

There are plenty of online dating sites that show the response rates for the messages that men and women send out. Women generally have more options than men because they have more people replying to their messages.

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