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While you. Not have anything to do with the feminazi laws try here have been passed directly, white males have supported politicians and institutions which have contributed to their own degradation and discontent.

Until they own up to this, their only recourse will remain rants like you have on this thread, and loneliness. I am not responsible for the actions of white politicians just because I am a white man.

You want me to own up to my contribution to politicians absolutely free dating sites Minneapolis institutions which contributed to other degradation and discontent, based solely upon the fact that I am white and a man, when people of all races, sexes and creeds also voted for these same politicos.

Everyone in this country is responsible for the feminist mess we are in. I am not responsible for the actions of others, and I am especially not responsible for the actions of men who share my ethnicity.

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It has his parentsnames and addresses, it has all this intimate family history thatвs sort of precious to us but itвs coming from this very violent aggressive scrutiny of interrogation and intimidation. It wasnвt like they were just taking notes; they were going to peoplesjobs and knocking on peoplesdoors. Itвs a very weird mixture of being happy to have this information, but also knowing it was collected by people who considered my dad a terrorist, because he was organizing with the black panthers.

And like you said, it did confirm certain suspicions he had. The files enabled him to confirm the role of the investigation on certain events in his life. At one point, my dad was a letter carrier.

And he was fired from his job at the post office in because of his activism with the panthers. What the file illustrates is that there was an informant at one of the panther meetings who noticed that my dad was there in uniform, so he reported to the fbi that my dad was a government employee. And because he was a government employee, they were investigating him, and they found that he was living with a woman he wasnвt married to, and they had a son together, they said this was behavior unbecoming of a government employee.

And so he was terminated. Then we get the file back and see theyвre interviewing his employer at the post office, and asking if he ever said anything un governmental, and everyone said nope, heвs great, heвs a great employee and then they finally found that he was living with a woman outside of marriage. Itвs really interesting, the law they used is executive order which uses language like behavior unbecoming a government employee and which was intended to get gay people out of government employment.

So itвs one of those examples where a law can get on the books and someone can say, oh, that doesnвt affect me, iвm not muslim, iвm not an immigrant, but that same law can then be used to target whoever is considered an enemy at that time. Thereвs something so twisted about the idea of a family album from this removed government perspective, but here you are tagging it as your own and reframing it.

How do you go about presenting all these narratives that emerge from the files.

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