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The dawn and saturation of internet has created huge power gains for individual collective changes. Before, the model of how culture was communicated and therefore changed and or preserved was.

Cultural holdovers from previous generations interactions with other cultures personal beliefs and experiences values of purse string holders - x cultural holdovers from previous generations interactions with other cultures personal beliefs and experiences values of media makers - y cultural representations presented to the masses - z holdover from previous generations personal beliefs and experiences beliefs and interaction with others in community et. Al culture passed on to children.

But now, with internet and freely https://www.epicdatingguide.com/alternative-dating/hook-up-clearance-meaning/ individual masses communication twitter, facebook, tumblrв heck, dnl the restriction that we used to have reao sources of z are oife gone.

Everyone has access to a soapbox. So personal interaction has started to take a much larger role, and the personal values of purse string holders people in charge from my previous post eastenders cast dating in real life shrunk. Media makers are not only more numerous, but also have eastenders cast dating in real life lot more power to present their personal values in their content в not complete freedom, since bills must still be paid, but things like patreon and kickstarter are also really helping to create a situation of creative freedom.

So I think, in a hundred years we.

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But more than half of the work needs to be done by eastenders cast dating in real life people who aren on the receiving end of the worst effects. Eastenders cast dating in real life since, for some cazt, there seem to be people who feel eastenders cast dating in real life because women benefit from women rights movements, therefore women are too biased and untrustworthy to trust on the topic.

And I talking about americans I web. Yeah, individually women have power to replicate culture, and there have been a non zero number of women in western culture who got into places where they were greatly able to influence culture.

But western culture has, historically been shaped primarily by a the people in charge - kings nobility, the church, by the values expressed through artistic expression, and в if you ascribe to marxist theory which you should by the collective individual shifts in beliefs and values that occur in response to the economic and cultural conditions of the times. In the last years, we have move towards culture being blog by ceos, parliaments, still somewhat the church, movies tv, etc.

Cultural shifts and changes can be influenced by people without power, but only in collectives в think unions, revolts, vast movements. However, people в although, I agree, people have the responsibility to review their culture and critique it appropriately в when people additional resources raised in a culture with inequality, it can be difficult to move away from the cultural norm and realize how harmful it is в this is why both women and men, individually, support sexist structures.

But returning to who makes culture go to the webpage is self evidently not the sole cause of the culture we have, we have to return to a and the people is charge and the media makers.

The media makers spread values and attitudes through their work; which attitudes and values get spread is determined by the people in charge, who have hired the media makers. Who, historically, have been the people in charge. Who have been the media makers. Men. Men who were raised in a culture of men being in click here of women.

Easenders who were raised to look down on women and who create media and laws that perpetuate men looking down on women and being in charge of women. Given that women are still greatly underrepresented cats in charge positions in literally every field, no.

Women are not responsible for creating culture.