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We all want the вperfect personв for oursevles, and you will find the right one. My boyfriend is a wonderful man who definately is missing a few of the musts I always planned to have in the man I spend my life with. More importantly, he has so many of the musts I wanted, that the few he is lacking do not make a dent of a difference in how much I love him. Had I stuck to my list of must haves, I would have never have dated him and gd would I have been a fool. By all means, do not compromise.

My girlfriends and I always talk about how important it is to be atttracted to the man you are with, as well as share many, not all of the same ideals and beliefs. Those things need to stay on the listв. Just keep a mental list and keep positive and you will attract the right man.

Sorry I forgot one thing - as for writing that you only want a man who is looking for marriage. I really do not think you need to state that. As you date and meet these men, you will sense if this guy is in it for the long haul or just flings. And I totally think talking about marriage on a first meeting is rediculous.

Of course if there are men who state explicidely, вi am not looking to get married,в believe it and keep going because he aint gonna change his mind for you. Finding a man who wants to get married is not tough. And remember, anyone can get married, it is finding the right one to marry that is the hard part. Having experimented with online dating from time to time myself, I would echo what evan says, for instance - вhaving grown up with both parents working outside the home, iвve always believed in equalityвnot just on the career front, but on all fronts.

The highest compliment I could ever give a woman is that she is my peer. A peer is independent enough to make pay her own way in this world, yet saves room in her life for me. She is willing to split the cost of the first date with me, then take turns with me in paying for subsequent dates.

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