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Even as the release of new nationally representative data has greatly expanded what is known about relationship formation and development, the study of relationship behavior has become increasingly balkanized into particular life stages, with certain behaviors studied for one population but not another.

Research on adolescents and emerging adults spanning the early teens through the mid has proliferated in the past decade, abetted by the supplementation of several longitudinal data collections.

The third wave of the national longitudinal study of adolescent health add health released in in conjunction with the earlier waves and allows researchers to examine the partnering behaviors of youth from middle school beginning with grade through their mid the th round of the national longitudinal survey of youth nlsy which was gathered in в provides detailed information on a similarly aged cohort those born between and.

Wave of the national survey of families and households nsfh gathered in permits the study of the focal children of householders from the initial wave of the nsfh. Focusing on a particular age cohort, cycle of the national survey of family growth nsfg provides detailed information on the sexual partnering and fertility experiences of respondents age to for the first time including data on men as well as women. Several of these data sets, such as the nsfg and nsfh, are also useful for examining the partnering processes for adults in their through midlife.

Another widely used data source, the nlsy, which follows men and women who were age to in has also been supplemented with new waves of data; as of round respondents were age or older. Though many of these studies also contain information on important relationship dates, they are more often limited to cohabiting and marital unions and parenting.

What of those who have aged out of the reproductive years. Although their population share is projected to increase dramatically over the next few decades, information on partnering behavior is most limited for adults years and older. The nsfh includes data on older respondents, as does the general social survey.

But these sources include far less detail on the formation of sexual relationships than do data collections targeted at younger populations. Though it has not yet been extensively mined, the national social life, health, and aging project nshap which explores the health and well being of american men and women age to allows for the study of intimacy and sexuality among older adults.

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