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The sound click for info business - austin, texas, is ghan for its music scene, but it has also built a reputation for innovative technology. While so many tech startups were sprouting in silicon valley, convio decided to launch in the lone star state.

We could build a business more economically here than we could on the west coast, explains chief strategy officer vinay bhagat. What he and david crooke, convio cto, built is a for profit company that uses the internet to improve the way signs its more than just a hookup communicate and work with their constituents.

Money matters - bhagat and crooke met while attending school at the university of cambridge in england a long way from austin.

It makes me feel less lonely that there other people out there as crazy as I am, lol. My brand of jealousy is slightly different, howeverв I get terribly jealous about past relationships even though I asked point blank at the beginning, are you over all of your previous relationships. And he assured me that he was. I don believe that he was lying either.

I think I have some sick form of possessiveness that afraid he might have loved someone more than me in the past. It like the very fear that he could have ended up marrying or living with someone else, or even might have wanted to, sometimes rears it ugly head and tortures me. I like this in all of my relationships, so I try not to ask very much about their pasts, but you usually get the jist from friends and relatives.

Of course, I can get jealous of present female contacts too. It not that I afraid he will leave meв I guess I more afraid that one day he will stop being as mad for me as I am for him when I am not having neurotic and morbid fantasies that my jealousy constructs.

I never really pick fights with him about it. He probably has absolutely no idea that I think such things. It is just something that drives me crazy and can make me depressed or suspicious. I just hurting myselfв I try not to think about it, but sometimes, especially when I stressed, my mind can just go wild with it. I don really think suppressing it the way I do is the answer, but I don know what isв.

Well, I understand how exhausting it could be for one partner to be accused of certain things, but there is always a reason for such accusations.

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