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You say вmen donвt want to try the best gay dating website build anything with me, because iвve been playing the game. Most donвt trust me enough to know iвd stop if they are worth stopping for. в Honestly thatвs not a double standard. Itвs the best gay dating website double standard to think a guy who is pursuing you only sexually would want more if he could see you were вworthв it.

Why would a guy or a girl want to try to build a relationship with someone who is showing you what they want a sexual only relationship. Use this link shouldnвt he want someone exhibiting they want something more like he does. I think someone said it in another post you gotta be the kind of person youвd actually want to date.

I think most people go through the phase you are. I donвt see anything wrong with it; itвs how we grow. Give yourself a break and step back to reflect. Decide whatвs of most importance to you and proceed.

If you stumble, try again.