Things To Know About Dating An Old Soul

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Mctavish,; hummert,; heckhausen et al. To capture this complexity, we assembled a perceptions of aging measure poa consisting of a short list of characteristics that would be understood across a wide range of cultural contexts.

The specific characteristics were adapted from existing measures assessing attitudes about aging and age related changes in functioning I rosencranz mcnevin,; heckhausen et al. Importantly, we did not aim to create an internally consistent scale but selected a set of conceptually relevant but distinct items that would allow us to capture divergent patterns in specific aspects of aging perceptions.

The final scale consisted of the following eight characteristics - вphysical attractivenessв, вability to do everyday tasksв, вability to learn new informationв, вgeneral knowledgeвв, вwisdomв, вrespect received from othersв, вauthority in the familyв, and вlife satisfactionв. Participants were given the following instructions - вbelow you see a list of characteristics that.

Not change as people grow old. For each characteristic, please place a check mark to indicate whether the characteristic decreases, stays the same, or increases in older people. в Participants responded on a point likert scale from. вDecreases a lotв to вincreases a lotв with a score of indicating the absence of age related change.

Participants also rated their societyвs views of aging. For this purpose they were asked - вin general, how positively or negatively does your culture view old age. в Responses were given on a point likert scale from. вVery negativeв to вvery positiveв. They further rated their frequency of contact with older adults вhow often do you speak or do things with older people. в On a point likert scale from вalmost neverв to вalmost every day. For administration in non english speaking cultures, the original english version of the scale was translated by our collaborators, most of whom are bilingual psychologists native to the culture.

Independent back translations were created by a different person, reviewed by two of the authors fd and rrm and modified as needed to achieve equivalence across languages. Indicators of socioeconomic development assessing wealth, population structure, and education levels were drawn from the human development report.

As an economic indicator, we used per capita gross domestic product gdp, in as an indicator of demographic composition we examined the percentage of the population aged and over.

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