What Week Do You Have A Dating Scan

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On screen - youвre now the president. Do you want waterboarding. Voice over - what president is now saying tonight, already generating the original source. And our walk through the white house.

What it was like being handed the nuclear ewek. Muir voice over - what he shows us, and a letter president obama left for president when we come back. Letвs talk about many of the things that have happened this week.

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Partly because of currency trades triggered by algorithms. в Microsoft engineers created a twitter bot named вtayв this past spring in an attempt to chat xating millennials by responding to their prompts, but within hours it was spouting racist, sexist, holocaust denying tweets based on algorithms that had it вlearningв how to respond to others based on what was tweeted at it. в Facebook tried to create a feature to what week do you have a dating scan trending topics from around the site in peopleвs feeds.

First, it had a team of humans edit the feature, but controversy erupted when some accused the platform of being biased against conservatives. So, facebook then turned the job over to algorithms only to find that they could not discern real news from fake news. в Cathy oвneil, author of weapons of math destruction - how big data increases what week do you have a dating scan and threatens democracy, pointed out that predictive analytics based on algorithms tend to punish the poor, using algorithmic hiring practices as an example.

в Well intentioned algorithms can be sabotaged by bad actors. An internet slowdown swept the east coast get more the after hackers bombarded dyn dns, datung internet traffic handler, with information that overloaded its circuits, ushering in a new era of internet attacks powered by internet connected devices.

This after internet security expert bruce schneier warned in september that werk is learning how to take down the internet. в And the abuse of facebookвs news feed algorithm and general promulgation of fake news online became controversial as the presidential election proceeded.

в Researcher andrew tutt click at this page for an в fda for algorithms,в noting, вthe rise of increasingly complex algorithms calls for critical thought web how to best prevent, deter and compensate for the harms that they cause .