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Airport might be closer to derby, it might actually be in leicestershire. But from now on it be known as nottingham east midlands airport. Will it reap benefits for nottinghamshire.

Will people get lost trying. Hallo to everyone. I am italian and I must admit that the previous name of east midlands was a bit puzzling for foreigners, thus, even if some airlines like ryan astro guru matchmaking, offered direct flights from our cities to no one wished to take that flight, as teh destination was not known. Nottingham is much easier to be located on a map. Now, it is difficutl matchmakinng find a visit this page on the direct flight rome nottingham east midlands and seems that the itnernational travellers will be growing very fast in the close future.

No its not fair because it used to belong to the eat midlands but now seems like it astro guru matchmaking to nottingham. Mxtchmaking not fair my sources matter what anyone says.

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And you get one chance per person. Writing again would be weird. Get nothing back ten times. Twenty.

Nottingham is the reason people come to the area, let them know where it is. Surely derby leicester will need to compensate nottingham in some way for the benefits of the increased passenger numbers travelling through nottingham airport. After all, humberside airport is linked to hull, even astro guru matchmaking it on the wrong side of the humber and closer to grimsby or scunthorpe. What a big waste of money. How much is it going to cost the ariport in changing all of the signs, when that could have been spent on more constructive things.

This must have cost a fortune already after all these debates on what to call it. If they had stuck to the name as it was then they could have saved themselves a lot of money. If bmi wanted the name changing so much, astro guru matchmaking they willing to pay for all the changes to the signs road signs included as I assume they will have to change astro guru matchmaking east midlands airport to nottingham east midlands airport thats if it will fit on a road sign.

I live click here australia, and recently travelled navigate to these guys nottingham.

I had even heard of it before I went over due to robin hood and cricket. I thought leicester and derby were just small towns in nottinghamshire. It makes sense, nottingham is known throughout the world the others are not. Nottingham is the regional capital, greater nottingham has by far the biggest population. A good decision for all of the region.

Face it, nottingham is more known throughout the world than derby or leicester.