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ВWhat fictional character visit this page you most of yourself.

вIf money and career were no object, where in the world would you choose to live. вIf you were told you only had one week left to live, what would you do. вWhat is your funniest childhood dsting. вWhatвs the first thing youвd do if you were the opposite sex for one day. вWhat is your most favorite time of the year. Why.

Also, consider how youвd react to a manвs profile that full report heвs not lithuanian dating site free lothuanian lithuanian dating site free over a specific body mass index or under a specific bra size.

If your reaction would be, ugh, how shallow!. Then think twice about specifying height. Looking for prince charming my knight in shining armor someone who slays dragons.

How did we get to the middle ages all of a sudden. You might as well just say - вiвm living in a fantasy world. в And a pretty cliched fantasy world at that. Iвm tired of drama games. Two strikes against this one - itвs plagiarized from a million other profiles, and it code for I still have lingering feelings of resentment about past relationships.

Keep more relationship baggage out of your profile.

Inspirationвartists such as yayoi kusama and del kathryn barton have been very inspirational to me due to the amount of effort and intricate detail inВ their artworks. Furthermore, social media sites such as tumblr and instagram led me to discover many unknown and talented artists that influenced my artworks and encouraged me.

Nature itself, and philosophies of nature also inspired me heavily - the connection that the human body has with nature. When we look at the minute details on our body, they are so similar to the patterns and details in nature.

Beyonce alsoВ kept me sane. Starting point and influencesвi have always been fascinated by nature and theories behind it e. Each atom holds another universe. I began looking at images that inspired me and artworks that had aesthetic qualities similar to nature.

I selected eighteenВ artists who I felt captured the qualities I was looking for and wrote about them and what I liked. This started the creative process for me. Annotate as you go. Annotation can help dramatically with creativity and sorting out problems that occur during the process of creating your art.

Especially in year time management is so important. Not waiting for lithuanian dating site free teacher to move you along will make everything a lot easier. Be prepared to give time to your work without losing yourself because it will all pay off in the long run. Work in partnership with your teacher.

Be open lithuanian dating site free their suggestions but always be confident in yourself and what you want to do. Never worry too much about what your friends lithuaniwn family think of your work. Youвre the one making it and so in the end youвre the one who should be happy with what youвve achieved. Ultimately, just have fun and be passionate in what you are making.

Find something that inspires you and just roll with it. It will make the whole year so much more enjoyable and less stressful. Ideas behind the workвcoming into units and studio arts, I knew that I wanted to take on the challenge of incorporating the element of water into my painting. After research and trials, I decided to go with this rather confronting close up shot as the subject matter for webpage here painting.

I used black,В white and grey as I felt that the tonal contrasts were effective in emphasising the dark emotion behind the work. Materials and processesвafter a series lithuajian photo shootВ trials with my sister and various liquids, I began testing paints such cree oil paint, acrylic paint and gouache on their explanation papers such as shell paper, card, watercolor paper and cartridge paper.

With the majority of the trials flaking, not blending effectively and not drying fast enough, my final choice of materials was black and white gouache on a cartridge paper.

At the start ofВ the process I experimentedВ with projection to be time efficient, but quickly realised that I couldВ draw the proportions faster so I went with that direction. Using watercolor and fine lituhanian I started on the subjectвs face resource worked my way out to the background,В which I blended with thicker watercolor paint brushes.

Favourite artistвthe artist I was influenced by was alyssa monks. She seems to enjoy every lithuanian dating site free of depicting texture in her work and reminds me of the intensity of our own body and the beauty of life. Her painting lithuanian dating site free humanityВ with extreme accuracy.