My Ex Is Dating Someone Completely Opposite Of Me

It complicated when you have a great relationship but are not satisfied sexually. вI at a point where I could be having much less sex and still feel satisfied. There not a physical issue that makes this frequency a problem, but I do find myself feeling like I forcing it every so often.

I still very much excited by my partner, and I enjoy having sex while I view it having sex. But, my libido has been totally slashed by my birth control, and I find myself physically exhausted after work, so it see more to et it up, if you will.

We talk about our sex life, and make jokes about it, during sex in a very respectful and healthy way. We also curious about other couples sex lives; I feel like most people do it way less often, and he thinks that they do it more than we do it.

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I cater to him but sometimes he takes me for granted. I want to be catered to sometimes. And he wasn like that in the beginning. He has gained lbs and we bee together for a year now and his insecurity is driving me insane. I would like counseling but he doesn like us to share our relationship with anyone. I just afraid that we. End before he realize how he is affecting me emotionally.

He my ex is dating someone completely opposite of me says I exaggerating. I can tell you how much I love this article every situation you mentioned was true in me, over react and drove my husband crazy, he even kicked me out of the house once, he can control his emotion whenever I got jealous he think I don trust him and suspect him with all the ex.

I knew it was my problem because I am too obsessive and over jealous. I tried to control my mind but every time I failed. I tried to find ways to help me and I am very happy I found this article I am going to print out and keep reading it until I remember every single useful word that you mentioned. I almost sure it will help me now and eventually I will important page a happy, healthy wife.

I googled lying about jealousy and I just found your go to this webpage site. I a knockout post many many comments here, to see if one of them matched my situation, and they didn so I will write it hereв this is very baffling to me, and it too long of a story, but I will just give the factsв.

I not a very jealous person, but have at times been jealous w an exв so, he and I tried to remain friends fairly recently, after years of not being together. Then I realized the loving feelings were coming back, so even the trial at friendship was not a good idea and I ended it. We were both mature and disappointed, bc we got along well, I say.

So, he met another girl a few months after the end my ex is dating someone completely opposite of me our friendship. I knew this from our rare texts to keep in touch a bitв he then tells me my new girlfriend is jealous and doesn like us texting talking so I immaturely said ok, since you dating a nazi girlfriend, I respect her wishes yes, sarcasm I know.