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Or a manвs perception. I also admit that many of these year old women. Be fat, ugly, bad careers, etc. I guess both age genders tend to hit вbottom of the barrelв in those year ranges, as mating is the original application of natural selection. Yes, I rephrase my posting to say, в is where both genderвs leftovers end up having trouble datingв.

When youвre years old, what will matter most to you in the world. This question is based on pure speculation, but it really helps you to understand the inner workings of the other person. Do you believe people are inherently good. Or inherently bad.

This question helps you to understand how they view the world and the people on it. Is there such thing as a white lie. Or, should people be direct even visit your url it hurts.

What is something about life that people donвt appreciate as much as they should.

Secondly, while words have multiple meanings, you deliberately chose to misinterpret what I said aspoliteв. How uncharitable of you. Giving a girl flowers, buying her romantic gifts, writing her romantic poetry or even just being a good provider for her are well outside the bounds of common decency orpolitenessв.

Everything I have just described is a costly endeavour. If there is no reward for a costly endeavour do not expect people to engage in it. Those who expect otherwise should also expect communism to work. Or cuckoldry to be evolutionarily adaptive.

If you think the reason people make romantic overtures is not to mate then you are incredibly ignorant. That is the sole purpose behind such overtures. Or if you want to get specific; the sole purpose of exchanging time and resources to a female from a male pursuing a long term mating strategy with that female is mating. If doing such an exchange does not get you the benefit of mating then there is no point in doing the exchange.

Again, people like you deliberately choose to misinterpret the meaning conveyed by the words people use to try and scorepointsrather than argue positivistly with the aim of discovering the truth. You did it again by implying that the termsdeliberately chooseare tautological.

Words have multiple meanings and that particular instance is well within the set. Dude, as one poster above you said, today you donвt need to fake romanticism to get sex. Being romantic is how you act with partners you care about for more than just mating. You can mate anytime anywhere without putting up a front and making that woman go вoh he actually cares, heвs not just in it for the sexв while making things harder for other men.

What a winning combination. There are no points to score. The world isnвt a gigantic pissing contest.

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